Pool Lane Gate Target Market

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What is the target market for Pool Lane Gates? 

The target market for Pool Lane Gates is commercial pools and some public pools, within the United States. There's a variety of different pools in the U.S that are used for many different purposes. There are over 8 million private pools that make up the majority of pools, 360,000 public pools and 270,000 commercial pools. 

The reason that commercial and public pools are the Lane Gate's target market is because these pools are used by the public, including people with disabilities. These pools are covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act/Association and are required to stay ADA compliant in order to stay in operation. For example most commercial pools are required by the ADA to have a pool lift. The goal is to have Lane Gates become an ADA compliant device similar to pool lifts

Stating the obvious, the Pool Lane Gate is not meant for pools without lanes! This is why private pools are not in the target market. The same reasoning applies to some public pools that are used mostly for recreation rather than lap swimming, exercise or therapy.

Commercial pools are a very different story. They are the core target market for the Pool Lane Gate. Almost all commercial pools have swimming lanes and are mainly used for lap swim, therapy and exercise. There are over 270,000 commercial pools in the U.S. with an average of 5 lane lines per pool. That's over 1 million potential lanes for the Pool Lane Gate! That isn't even including public pools or double gated lanes, with gates in the shallow and deep end.

notable Feedback From the industry 

There has been remarkable, positive feedback including from The ARC NY President Laura Kennedy, “I truly believe there is a great market for this well thought out piece of equipment that levels the playing field for people with disabilities as they enjoy working out in a swimming pool with lanes.” Also from Susan Cooper, Co-Coordinator of the Hardyston, NJ YMCA, “I Think the lane line gate is an amazing, much needed device.Your device would be very, very helpful in the pool for those with special needs and for the general population as well. The best inventions are those that fulfill a need and yours most certainly does in a very simple and elegant manner. Is it currently for sale?”