Pool Lane Gate

The Story Behind the Pool Lane Gate

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Pool Lane Gate Swim Lesson Story

About Me

My name is Max Gallo. I’m a Life Guard, Special Needs Swim Instructor & Inventor. While working in the aquatics industry I saw people of all ages and abilities struggle with maneuvering around the pool, specifically over or under swimming lanes. Seeing this struggle on a daily basis inspired me to solve the problem.

I partnered with an engineer who is physically challenged and feels as passionatly as I do about the accessibility the Pool Lane Gate offers. Together we patented and created a pool product that gives people with mobility issues the independence to easily move around swimming lanes. 

Pool lane gate, special needs swim lesson story

Need Behind The Lane Gate

After I conceived the idea for the Pool Lane Gate, I knew it would be greatly beneficial for many public & commercial pools throughout the country because a large majority of people that utilize these pools, use them for therapy or leisure swim.

Currently most pools are set up to be multipurpose, attempting to bring in as many people as possible, of all ages and with different swimming abilities. Commercial pools try to accommodate everyone, but in the end can create barriers in the form of lane lines for the elderly and those with physical disabilities. The Lane Gate changes that. It’s a convenience for those without disabilities and a game changer for those who have physical challenges.

Pool Lane Gate ADA

Future Applications Under The Americans with Disabilities Act & Association (ADA)

The Pool Lane Gate’s many benefits, versatility and ease of use by everyone without exclusion, opens doors of opportunity. It should only be a matter of time before it will be used by the majority of pools in the country that strive to accommodate their swimmers. Once it's in use within the market it is substantially likely to be held under The Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 15.8 Swimming Pools, Wading Pools, & Spas.