Pool Lane Gate


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Commercial pools are designed to be multipurpose and attempt to accommodate a variety of different swimmers who utilize the pool in different ways. In reality, commercial pools can become restrictive for some swimmers. A swimmer exercising with a flotation device uses the pool very differently from a swim team member. The Lane Gate adapts for both situations. 

From my perspective as a life guard in public and commercial pools, I've watched the conflict between swim teams, lessons, classes and swimmers who want to exercise on their own as they all compete for the same space. Having a device that makes pools user friendly and creates a cohesive environment for everyone is a no brainier! The Pool Lane Gate is designed to be utilized by everyone.  The Lane Gate is a necessity for those with physical disabilities who need it and a convenience for those who don't. If you haven't already - check out the video of our first prototype in use. Version 2 coming soon! 

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Line Configuration  

The Lane Gate becomes an extension of the existing swimming lane when the bottom tubing is removed. With the push of a button the tubing can be removed in seconds, leaving the caps, hooks and buoys across the top.

This configuration allows the lanes to function as they would normally. For example, this configuration works for swim meets and other occasions when the gate is not directly needed. The entire device can be taken out with no impact on the existing swimming lane and can be placed anywhere on the lane. The entire Lane Gate conversion kit is 100% reversible! 

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Open Setting

In the open setting with the tubing in place, the middle section can be opened or closed from either side. In addition the middle section's buoys can be taken out entirely, leaving an open pathway for swimmers to pass through without doing a thing. 

The Lane Gate was designed with the physically challenged in mind. The entire device is double sided and symmetrical for an easy user experience, minimizing confusion. No matter which side you open it from, it works the same. 

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Conversion Kit

The Lane Gate conversion kit is completely reversible, with no permanent modification to your lanes and does not need professional install.

You receive everything you need to install the Lane Gate onto your existing lane lines. To make the install even easier, there will be a video tutorial to help you assemble the device. 

A new and improved version of the Lane Gate conversion kit will be available soon. The kit will come with tubing, caps, hooks, cable, extra line, mini wrench, allen/hex key and larger reel, at an affordable price. 

The Lane Gate can be easily assembled or disassembled and ships in a compact package directly to customers, maybe you?