Lane Gate Benefits

The benefits of the Pool Lane Gate range from every day convenience to saving time in life threatening emergencies, when every second counts. 

Lane Gate saves time during Water emergency and evacuation.JPEG

Saves time during water emergencies

Safety is where the lane gate becomes vital, especially when it comes to extracting a victim from the pool. Every second counts in an emergency and the Lane Gate helps save valuable time! 

For example, the best way to remove an unconscious victim without a spinal injury when by yourself, is to drag them out of the pool's entrances whether it be stairs, ramp or even up a ladder. This usually involves crossing over lanes to exit the water. In a particular case, a guard had to drag the victim over 3 lap lanes to reach the other side of the pool where the ramp was. This procedure of dragging yourself and someone else over lap lanes can be difficult and time consuming adding precious minutes to the rescue!

baby swimming with dad.jpeg

QUICKer evacuations

Accidents happen, especially in family friendly pools. Baby diapers leak or young children learning to swim swallow too much water and throw up. 

Thankfully these aren’t life threatening emergencies but do require everyone to exit the water while the pool is being cleaned. These situations happen more than you think. The Lane Gate makes these evacuations easier and faster for everyone! Other evacuations such as a fire alarm or missing child search can also benefit from the Lane Gate.

Even the best athletes get cramps and when they do they may need help getting out of the water. At practices or meets, the lanes get very crowded. Sometimes swimmers bump into each other head first, smack their ankles on the wall during a flip turn or get a nose bleed. These situations are all valid reasons why the Lane Gate should be an everyday part of pools. 

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CONVENIENCE for everyday swimmers

People I’ve met with physical disabilities feel empowered by their independence. All they want is a small adaptation that helps them overcome obstacles on their own. This is exactly what the Lane Gate does!

The independence the Lane Gate provides to swimmers who need it is significant, and for those that don’t need it, it becomes a convenience they will utilize and appreciate. The Pool Lane Gate is extremely simple to use. In its open setting, you can easily pass right through!